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Video Artist , painter, tattoo art, net-art, musician and singer, poetry, comics and performance

poema a la meva filla Dina, la meva amiga, la meva companya en aquest dur cami de cambi

  no et perdis mai no et perdis mai mes si per fi et trobes amb la sang que et fa perdre la esclavitud de lo no real fes servi el seny no el poder que l´univers ens a otorgat … Seguir leyendo

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ACTIVISM OF BEING //ART WORKSHOP:://NON PROFIT PROJECT The essential of this project is its own essence; in a sort of Art-for-Art empowering dynamic. We want to change the world through a creative scope embedded with generating art-perspective, within a framework … Seguir leyendo

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We are glad to be quait ready for the event on second of august in GREENHOUSE of the art market. Many artists are passionated and working a lot for it and believe me, everybody will be very welcome to come … Seguir leyendo

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As a good green dog for so many and creator shaman and healer for so many few, the exercise of coherence and wisdom is to be able to filter all historical, Metaphorical, metaphysical and spiritual information and deconstruct it as … Seguir leyendo

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originally, calls to contribute aid and be able to continue producing come to deaf ears. It seems to me be an existential embargo. I m in the fragil position that looks everybody in a good way. That means that in … Seguir leyendo

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Illusion or reality

Almost all the old magic tends to disappear… it was forgotten between games of children that was playing the time in its hours of recreation. The strings between the fingers, etc. They put me through memories of other lives. Squeeze … Seguir leyendo

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